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HARBEC is recognized for our leadership, sustainability, technology, culture, and best practices that attract and retain top talent to achieve company goals.We offer all HARBEC employees the opportunity to learn, grow, work hand-in-hand with amazing talent, and achieve their highest goals.
  1. Our voluntary turnover rate is less than 3% (in other words, our employees choose to stay here and we’re grateful!)
  2. We consistently achieve accident free years. We are working on surpassing our current record of more than 500 days with no accidents
  3. 100% of our employees have health insurance
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    Nationally, among workers who have access to a medical plan:

    • Only 67% of lower wage, full-time workers choose to enroll
    • About 81% of higher wage, full-time workers choose to enroll

    This disparity may be partly due to the fact that many lower wage workers opt-out of plans offered because the employees’ required contribution to the plan premium is considered too burdensome on the individual or the family budget.

    At HARBEC, we decided to change that with a new way to pay for health insurance

    With health care a cost climbing even higher, HARBEC has adopted a tiered system to make health insurance affordable to all employees. Salaries determine employees’ contribution to medical insurance costs for 2011.

    •  At HARBEC, how much an employee makes determines how much to contribute for health insurance.
    •  This is the reverse of the approach that most companies offer.

    Under this new model, HARBEC hourly employees who make less than $14.99 an hour will see their weekly insurance costs drop up to 100% (i.e., HARBEC will pick up the tab). HARBEC will pay for a single High Deductible plan which in 2010 cost an employee $25.00 each week. Employees who make between $15.00 and $21.99 an hour will see their insurance cost drop up to 60%. Employees who make over $22.00 an hour will see their insurance cost drop up to 25%. Our salaried employees will stay the same. For the employee that has health insurance outside of HARBEC, we pay an annual amount of $1000 upon proof of insurance.

    From a morale standpoint, it sends a really good message to our valued employees that the more they make, the more they contribute.

    Nationwide, the average employee’s share of a family policy is approaching $8,000 a year and is most certainly going to keep on rising through the next few years. For lower-salaried workers, those additional costs have only compounded their struggles in a brutal economy. At HARBEC, we’re here to help. This is just one more way HARBEC puts its employees FIRST.