Award for The State of Innovation Summit 2009


To create a very complex sculpture that would be ready to display in a very short period of time. Due to complexity and constraints set forth by the artist, manufacturing options of the sculpture were very limited. The sculpture had to be created in a single piece and have a uniform aesthetically pleasing surface finish. Conventional manufacturing methods of creating complex structures require breaking the part into many pieces; then assembling all of the pieces into a final assembly that become the finished part.  This is a time consuming process that also lends itself to accumulated error in the final assembly.


Upon reviewing the project HARBEC‘s high-tech SLS capabilities came to mind immediately. It was an efficient solution that began with transferring the artists’ design into the compatible format; next, the machine produced the sculpture, layer by layer. The final piece was completed and ready for display in less than 48 hours.


The sculpture was successfully presented during The State of Innovation Summit in Washington D.C. The sculpture was then scaled up and reproduced at a size that was 30% larger than the original piece. This demonstrated the flexibility and ease of modification within this process.