KidWind is an organization that strongly believes in creating opportunities that present a hands-on approach to renewable energy science and engineering.


This product was being made by a molding company that made the tooling and parts at a price that was not affordable for Kidwind. Kidwind was also going to need additional services that included design, protyping, additional tooling and parts. They were unaware of what their options were and that they could all be found with one company- HARBEC.


HARBEC presented Kidwind with a number of solutions. We knew that our Quick Manufacturing Solutions (QMS), could provide them with parts at half the cost. QMS is HARBEC’s method of supplying customers with high quality, short- to medium-run plastic parts of any material, and any design, in a reduced time frame. Our tooling and design departments introduced Kidwind to EOS direct metal laser sintering which allowed them to make more complex tool- impossible by other methods, at no additional charge. Our experts incorporated conformal cooling to allow for more parts in less time. We also introduced them with a material (polymer) that was more environmentally friendly.


HARBEC looked at this as an opportunity to work with a company that shares our passion for renewable energy. The Kidwind educational kits are being used with thousands of students across the country to learn more about the mechanics and importance of wind power. Our ability to provide multiple solutions under one roof led us to assist in development and production of five more products.


Please visit the KidWind Project website for more information.