Ever wonder what happens to your water bottles when you recycle them? Here’s your answer!


A large maker of kitchen consumer products wanted to introduce a new “green” line of kitchen utensils.  It wanted these products to use recycled plastic resins, have the lowest possible greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint, and be made in the United States. To control costs this company wanted to recondition existing injection molds.


HARBEC worked with a key supplier to formulate a recycled plastic resin that was FDA-approved, dishwasher safe, durable, and color stable.  The HARBEC team redesigned the existing customer molds to accept the new material, rebuilt the molds, and developed the processing specifications needed to successfully run large part volumes.  As a pioneer in clean energy use and sustainable manufacturing practices, HARBEC had the low GHG profile needed by this customer.  We generate part of our electricity using and onsite windmill, and purchase only clean electricity from the regional utility.  Our company vehicles are either hybrid gasoline-electric or CNG powered.


This new product line has been very successful in test market trials, and has received strong reviews in the national press.


Please visit the company website for more information: greenstreethome.com