Earth Day Every Day

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Since 2013, HARBEC has been a Carbon Neutral company. As an environmentally responsible company, we believe that the choices we make today benefit others, not only today but well into the future. Our equipment is energy efficient, we have green energy on-site and purchase green power and carbon credits to reduce our carbon footprint to zero.  As a manufacturer that focuses on making parts for the Medical and Aerospace industries through injection molding, CNC machining and 3D printing, we have a lot of opportunities to save energy and use materials responsibly. We have learned how beneficial our environmental decisions have been not only towards achieving Carbon Neutrality but also, improving our bottom line. This in turn benefits our customers. “We received our first Carbon Credit report in March and were amazed to see the impact we were making by using them to manufacture our parts.” says Chris Strohsahl, Vice President of Drummond Scientific.

Starting in 2021, we wanted to share the impact of the choices we make and have begun informing our customers through a quarterly Carbon Credit report. HARBEC’s president Bob Bechtold shares, “It is in an effort to sensitize our stakeholders. In a time when most companies are trying to be on the correct side of sustainability, especially as it relates to their customers and communities, we are hoping to bring it to their attention and make it easier for them to use their eco-economic purchasing decisions to their advantage. They will be reminded quarterly how much they have benefitted the environment by buying their parts from HARBEC.” This shows them that working with us reduces their carbon footprint. Buying parts from a Carbon and Water Neutral company is something to be proud of.

In conjunction with Carbon Neutrality, HARBEC adopted the energy management standard ISO 50001, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Superior Energy Performance (SEP) process. Since 2013, this certification has created a process to ensure that a procedure and verifiable method for measuring, monitoring, and calculating energy use, efficiency, and savings is done consistently over time.   As a result of ISO 50001/SEP, HARBEC has been able to account for its energy utilization and dramatically improve its energy performance. It also helps provide a verifiable structure for calculating the energy savings that we present to our customers and the public.

HARBEC believes in the “Triple Bottom Line”, People, Planet, and Profit, all with equal priority. Anyone can lower the CO2 emissions they are responsible for by doing things like driving less, recycling, using renewable energy, and buying energy efficient products and equipment. Making decisions with dollars can also make a difference. Choosing a Carbon Neutral, sustainable manufacturer is a big step in that direction.