Sustainable Manufacturing; an initiative to celebrate on Earth Day and beyond

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Sustainable Manufacturing; an initiative to celebrate on Earth Day and beyond

Since 1970, every April 22 has marked the celebration of Earth Day- a celebration formed to bring about an understanding of how conventional manufacturing processes were adversely affecting the climate. This celebration was intended to draw attention to the risks endangering the climate such as air, water and land contamination and to urge both individuals and businesses to make a move in safeguarding these environmental elements.

What is Sustainable Manufacturing?

Sustainable manufacturing is the manufacturing of products by way of a process which limits negative ecological effects. This sustainable process also reduces energy and natural resource usage, and provides a safe environment for employees along with the communities which they serve.

Main Benefits and Applications

There are several benefits to sustainable manufacturing, for companies and the environment alike. These benefits also go beyond environmental impacts – they include reductions in costs and energy usage, ability to garner new customers, employee morale increase, and more.

Environmental impact

In recent years, science has shown society that the overall health of the environment has been of concern throughout the world. One key factor is the rising global temperatures due to the increase in carbon monoxide and methane gas emissions. Companies that practice sustainable manufacturing help to combat these environmental concerns by reducing their carbon footprint. HARBEC has been a Carbon Neutral organization since 2013, and has a firm commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower Energy Costs

More sustainable manufacturing processes not only benefit the environment, but they benefit companies by way of reduced energy costs. These energy savings can be seen in common examples such as energy efficient lighting utilized in plants along with routine machine maintenance to ensure that equipment is operating at top efficiency, thus reducing waste (and costs). In addition, green energy solutions such as solar energy and wind-powered energy aid not only in leaving a smaller carbon footprint, but also aid in reducing operational energy costs. For example, HARBEC has lowered their energy costs up to 50% by switching from hydraulic presses to electric presses. This not only reduced energy costs, but this also garnered a reduction in noise levels.

Brand Image

These days, brand image is paramount for any organization. For sustainable manufacturing companies, this is even more so with consumers being aware of an organization’s carbon footprint and manufacturing processes. By implementing a robust sustainable manufacturing process, an organization can leverage this with respect to their brand image and attracting new customers.

Attracting new customers

Sustainable manufacturing practices show an organizations commitment to reducing their impact on the environment and the communities in which they serve. This positive brand image helps to garner newer clientele, along with an increased likelihood of winning contracts where sustainable manufacturing practices are imperative.

Employee/team morale

Working together as a team to overcome challenges helps build great companies. To meet the challenge of creating a sustainable manufacturing company, an organizations team will have to unite to deliver on the common goal of reducing carbon emissions. This creates a united team with a purpose that impacts not only the business, but the environment and the community.

HARBECs Commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Since 2013, HARBEC has been a carbon neutral manufacturer. Achieving this great feat was indeed a several yearlong commitment, which initially began two decades ago. In 2002, HARBEC began its quest towards sustainable manufacturing and became one of 17 companies across the United States to receive MEP Excellence in Sustainability Award from NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, at their annual Manufacturing Innovations Conference in Orlando, Florida. Since then, HARBEC has adopted the energy management standard ISO 50001, along with the U.S. Department of Energys Superior Energy Performance (SEP) process. This has allowed HARBEC to maintain a method for measuring energy use, efficiency, and the savings yielded. In addition, HARBEC has also leveraged a third party carbon footprint validation process, allowing HARBEC to establish an energy baseline for their annual energy usage.

Additionally, HARBEC maintains a 100% Green Fleet. These vehicles produce low emissions. HARBECs company-owned vehicles include hybrids, all electric (with zero emissions).

Find the Right Sustainable Manufacturer at HARBEC

HARBEC is a carbon neutral manufacturer, seriously committed to sustainability in manufacturing across multiple markets, including aerospace, medical, electromagnetics and more. To learn more about HARBECs commitment to this end, contact us. Follow us on Facebook to see our sustainable manufacturing processes in practice.