• Research Results

    Learn more about our research results thanks to funding by NYSERDA and partnerships with RIT, Cornell, and Terrapin Bright Green More
  • Sustainability

    Harbec is dedicated to efficiency in all facets of its business, especially with regard to the utilization of natural resources and energy. More
  • CNC Machining

    We operate over 43 vertical mills, 6 horizontal lathes, and multiple EDM centers on three shifts, producing small to medium volumes of high precision parts for customers worldwide. More
  • Mold Manufacturing

    Highly featured, tightly toleranced parts, with aggressive lead times, require top quality tooling—from the first production run through the life of your product. More
  • Injection Molding

    For nearly four decades we have been a molder of choice for a diversity of customers representing medical device, consumer product, sporting goods, transportation, telecom, aerospace/defense, electronic, laboratory/instrumentation, and energy markets. More
  • Rapid Prototyping

    Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) are additive manufacturing processes where layers of powder are sintered with a CNC-driven laser to form 3D parts of nearly any geometry. More
  • Value Added Services

    The HARBEC solution does not end with the production of a high-quality plastic or metal parts – we offer value-added services that meet the requirements of our diverse customer base. More
  • Quality

    Working within the ISO 9001 framework we are dedicated to excellence throughout the design, prototype and production life cycle of a part. At HARBEC we don’t confine quality to a department – quality is a company-wide commitment. More