• Xyloy™ Metal Injection Molding

    Xyloy™ Metal Injection Molding

    The Xyloy™ Metal Injection Molding process yields high-tolerance net shape metal parts using lightweight alloys, standard hardened steel molds, and modified conventional injection molding equipment. This process yields parts with an outstanding combination of mechanical, physical and thermal properties that surpass the performance of plastics and die cast metals.

  • Technology of choice.

    Technology of choice.

    Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) are additive manufacturing processes where layers of powder are sintered with a CNC-driven laser to form 3D parts of nearly any geometry.

  • Husky enough to be sent to Siberia

    Husky enough to be sent to Siberia

    Designed by HARBEC to withstand challenging environments, these self-contained “place and leave” units enable to acquisition and recording of seismic data from remote, difficult-to-access locations


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