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Community Engagement

With respect to HARBECs core values mirrored in the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, we are very community conscious. The employees at HARBEC regularly donate to the community both financially and with items of necessity (food, clothing, etc.) Employees have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee which creates opportunities for community support both in and outside of HARBEC. Employees annually participate in food and toy drives, donor drives for giving blood and organ donor registration, recycling program improvement, and assist HARBEC families in need. We are particularly supportive of, Bethany House, a local shelter serving homeless women and children. Employees regularly donate money, food, clothing and other necessities to provide for this organization. We had a holiday Toy Drive which provided gifts for the families. Here is a video about the Bethany House that describes more about this important organization.HARBEC’s president, Bob Bechtold, volunteers much of his time giving presentations about HARBEC’s initiatives and results in sustainable manufacturing. Bob makes around 20 presentations locally and around the country in any given year. These are typically given to professional groups, conferences, and trade shows. We also host tours of our facilities which highlight out sustainable manufacturing practices approximately 25 times a year. The touring groups are made up of schools, community groups, companies and international visitors. About 10 times a year, Bob gives workshops at different schools and quarterly he teaches a class to all of our employees. Here are some examples of presentations he has given:

15 Year Pursuit of Sustainable Manufacturing—The Eco-Economic Opportunities and Advantages

Driving Energy Efficiency and Productivity Initiatives at HARBEC

Ending the Tyranny of 2-year Payback—Eco-Economics

CHP Opportunities and Benefits

HARBEC Eco-Economics

“Triple Bottom Line Effects at HARBEC”- Eco-Economic Sustainable Manufacturing (2009)

“How many Forests Does It Take to Make A HARBEC? Global Warming: Solutions That Work”


B9 Plastics is a not for profit company dedicated to social and environmental improvement through the use of plastics. The three major projects relate directly to improved water quality. The Better Water Maker, Human Generated Power Cart and Ecostones.

HARBEC is a major supporter of the KidWind Project. The KidWind Project is a team of teachers, engineers and scientists committed to innovative energy education. Their goal is to promote the elegance of wind power through affordable tools and training programs that challenge, engage and inspire students of all ages.

As an organization, we pledge to reduce our organization’s greenhouse gas emissions and to work with the broader community to advance a swift and equitable transition to clean energy. We also support our local Climate Solutions Accelerator. Together, we are committed to taking climate action!