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Molding the Future, Sustainably.

HARBEC, the plastics division of ADDMAN Group, offers complete part manufacturing support, spanning prototyping to end-of-life solutions. With a heavy concentration in injection molding, we also help customers with additive manufacturing, CNC machining, and engineering. All of this is done with sustainability in mind.

Certified for Your Exacting Applications

HARBEC is an AS9100 and ISO13485 certified and ITAR registered contract manufacturer of tight tolerance precision 3D printed metals and plastics, machined components and assemblies, and injection molded components and assemblies. We are committed to advanced technology, product development, quality management and continuous improvement.


Our new 630A is an Arburg all-electric, 270-ton (U.S.) injection molding machine. The platen size is 35.43” x 35.43” in height and width, with 51.18” of maximum daylight. The injection system ordered with the machine features a 70mm screw with a shot size of 34.7oz.

Specialty features ordered with the press include an integrated hydraulic system for the operation of hydraulically actuated mold mechanisms and motors, an integrated hot runner control system, and pre-installed interfaces to support mold or ancillary monitoring devices.

Our targeted application for this press is mid to high-level production volumes. It was ordered to support our production ramp-up for a new customer and also fill a rather large tonnage gap in our injection molding machine lineup.

Our Capabilities

Additive 3D


Injection Molding

Quality Assurance



Materials should be selected based on their properties, manufacturing characteristics, cosmetic appearance, and cost. We have 300 engineered thermoplastic grades of materials in-house:

  • ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, TPU
  • Bioresins: reclaimed, biodegradable
  • Chemical-resistant: Isoplast™
  • Filled: carbon, glass, metal, mineral
  • High-density: EcoMass™
  • High-heat: PEEK, Radel™, Stanyl™, Ultem™
  • Thermally-conductive: Electric and dielectric

Operational Excellence

For over 40 years, we have been addressing your demanding contract manufacturing needs by diligently gathering your requirements, then putting plans in place to meet or exceed your expectations and deliver your products to specification on time. We are committed to staying competitive by investing in the latest cutting-edge technology and utilizing this technology in the most cost-efficient manner.

HARBEC is a turnkey contract manufacturing service provider. Along with 3D printing metals and plastics, machined components and assemblies, injection molded components and assemblies, and corresponding quality systems, we take pride in managing material sourcing (standard metals and plastics, as well as exotic materials), new product introduction processes including prototypes and product validations, and build-to-stock inventories and logistics, all in our climate-controlled, sustainable carbon neutral manufacturing facility.