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Special certifications to meet demanding applications

High Performance Electromagnetic Components

HARBEC specializes in High-Performance Electromagnetic Components, offering top-tier services and certified expertise. Our dedication lies in crafting electromagnetic components with unparalleled precision, reliability, and quality, precisely tailored to meet your stringent requirements. Welcome to a world where excellence is our standard.

Magnetic Winding and Solenoid Manufacturing

With precision in both coil winding and transfer molding capabilities, coupled with expertise in advanced CNC technology, we excel in crafting electromagnetic components to the utmost standards of performance and durability. Our specialized processes and attention to precision guarantee the highest quality and reliability in every component, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements essential for electromagnetic applications.

Hand Soldering and Pin Crimping

Our team of highly skilled experts employs meticulously precise hand soldering and pin crimping techniques to ensure the utmost integrity and optimal functionality of your electromagnetic components. Hand soldering, an art mastered through experience, allows us to delicately bond wires and connections with precision, avoiding excess heat that could compromise the component’s delicate structure. Pin crimping, on the other hand, provides a durable and reliable connection by securely fastening the wire to its terminal. These techniques are carried out with the highest level of expertise, result in electromagnetic components that not only meet but exceed the exacting performance standards expected in various applications.

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Within ADDMAN, we present a comprehensive service package, allowing for the production of every part at any volume, throughout the entire process. Our platform is designed to make the manufacturing process seamless, allowing you to upload your part files and have them produced to your exact specifications. Whether you need low-requirement parts for simple production or one-time use, or high-requirement parts for rigorous environments such as space, aerospace & defense, and medical, we’ve got you covered.

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