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We’re Convinced That We Can Mold Anything...Others Are Certain As Well

  • Are you a polymer developer? Have you developed a resin that you wish to make commercially viable but haven’t yet molded it?
  • Are you in R&D? Would you like to manufacture a product using a resin that no other molder will touch?

You’ve come to the right place. At HARBEC, we can figure out how to mold your specialty engineering resins.

If anyone can make it work, HARBEC can.

We’re Recognized by the Dow Chemical Innovative Molders Program
We have a hands-on history with most engineered and conductive resins. We understand that working with your unique parameters and characteristics is not a simple, “no-brainer.” However, we have the experience, expertise and confidence to develop the right processing techniques for your non-commodity resins and make them viable. HARBEC can also develop and machine any combination of materials on your behalf—materials that you may not otherwise be able to get off the shelf. We have over 200 different polymer blends in inventory and we also have some of the world’s entire supply of unique applications. By forming a solid puck prior to molding, we can utilize the right percentage of your needed materials (e.g., talc, glass, stainless bundled fibers). And we look forward to the future when we can work with biopolymers that come from renewable sources and we can mold-in microbes that are as strong as nylon (and will last for 25 years) but can be easily broken down.


  • AVP FCCS0CP1000R
  • AVP FCCS0CP1000R
  • Cycolac EPBM 3570
  • Cycolac MG47
  • Cycolac VW 300
  • DSM J1200/10
  • DSM J1200/10/VO/ND
  • Electrafil G-1204/SS/7
  • Lustran 633
  • MG47 BK4500
  • Polylac 717C
  • Polylac 777D
  • RTP PermaStat 600


  • Triax 1120
  • Triax 1180


  • Bayblend FR110
  • Bayblend FR20
  • Bayblend FR210
  • Bayblend T88-2N
  • Cycoloy C2800
  • Cycoloy C6200
  • RTP 2501
  • Celcon GC25
  • Celcon M50
  • Celcon M90-34
  • Delrin 100
  • Delrin 100 AF NC 010
  • Delrin 100ST
  • Delrin 500P
  • Delrin 527
  • Delrin 900 AL
  • DSM AC-80/TF/22
  • DSM AC-81
  • Fulton 404
  • Lubricomp KL4040
  • RTP 800 TFE 20
Trade NameGrade(s)ManufacturerMaterial TypeEnvironmental Impact:
B, C, ER
Applications and Examples
C9550 white, opaque
FKurProperties comparable to polystyrene: rigid and transparent depending on gradeB- Biodegradability certified. ER-high content of natural resource materials (cellulose)7500- Examples include ball pens, cosmetic pencils & bottles. However, hot runners are not recommended as bioplastics generally degrade if long dwell times and high temperatures are experienced.
9550-Disposable cutlery and other complex articles. However, hot runners are not recommended as bioplastics generally tend to degrade when long dwell times and high temperatures are experienced
BIOTECStarch-based (GS2189-corn starch /GF106/2-potato starch)B.C. (in thin sections). FDA approved. Made from >60% sustainable crop materialMainly designed for packaging dry and/or fatty food. All raw materials used for  GS 2189 are listed in directive EU 10/2011. General applications
injection molded articles (e.g. cutlery, medical devices, clips),
semi-finished products, thermoformed products (e.g. food trays)
plasticizer-free and GMO-free thermoplastic material that contains natural potato starch. General Applications – short life biodegradable products for single use disposable fast food packaging. Also:  thermoformed products, injection molded products, agricultural products, tubes, packaging, carrier bags, refuse bags
Cereplast (no longer available)Sustainable 1001Cereplast acquired by Trellis Earth BioplasticsLearn morePLA. Nearly 100% of petroleum-based additives replaced with renewable resourced material.B. Compostable, but not in required time for certification. Designed to have excellent impact strength, rigidity, and processability.NO LONGER AVAILABLE
ECHO®RPPC 20/10Ravago Manufacturing AmericasRecycled PE and PP compound- unfilled, glass and mineral filledER- 100% postindustrial feedstocksSuitable for various applications in the industrial, automotive, construction and consumer durable markets
EcoPaXX® Q-HG10DSM distributed by Chase PlasticsHigh-performance polyamide (PA410)B- mainly from tropical castor beans (up to 70% ) ER - certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gateExcellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, combined with a very high melting point (highest of all bio-plastics) and high crystallization rate Body panel and wheel coversengine coverswindows systemscrankshaft coverssnowboard bindingsfuel vapor separators
Eco-PureEco-Pure (additive)Bio-Tec EnvironmentalBio-Based Resin Enhancer-compatible with most traditional plasticsB- Cost effective at concentration of 0.7% of load weight. FDA compliant, will not leachStandard additives are engineered to work on many different types of plastics, including EVA, EVOH, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, nylons, PET, PETG, polycarbonate and PP.
It coats plastics to help biodegrade faster.
Ingeo-NatureworksPLA 3001DNatureworks LLCPLA, corn-basedC-industriallyApplications include cutlery, cups, plates, cosmetics, and outdoor novelties. FDA approved food-safe
KALIX2855: 55% glass fiber,

3850 50% glass fiber,
SolvayThe first commercially available bio-based amorphous PPA materials2855: ER-27% bio-content contain monomers from the sebacic acid chain derived from non-food competing and GMO-free castor oil
3850: ER-16% bio-content contain monomers from the sebacic acid chain derived from non-food competing and GMO-free castor oil
2855: high impact, higher strength, stiffness and ductility than 2955
3850: lowest flash, low warpage, higher strength, stiffness and ductility than 3950.
High-performance polyamides (HPPA) are designed for structural components used in smart mobile electronic devices. They provide high strength, rigidity and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing.
MapkaCustom blendedEco Bio Plastics Midland (EBPM)Custom blended-utilizes up to 60% paper (from virgin or post-consumer sources) combines with a copolymer base resin.ER-reduces non-renewable content by as much as sixty (60) percent in weightFood, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Automotive applications. MAPKA significantly improved properties in tensile strength, tensile modulus, flexural strength, and flexural modulus. Also reduces mold shrinkage.
Natural MTGM-J105

KS TronicPLA based, but a unique formulation mixes PLA with plant starch and plant fibersER-100% Derived from Plants and Natural Materials B.C-ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 Certified Biodegradable and CompostableCups, bowls, tableware, toys, disposable bottles and shelf life critical plastic products, just to name a few. Additional grades are applicable to other applications.
Proganic (no longer available)Proganic- Pro earthPropper GmbH & Co. KGPHA, plant wax, minerals, natural coloringB.C- 2010 Biomaterial of the YearNO LONGER AVAILABLE

RTP 2099 X 121216 G

RTP 2099 X 124790 A 

RTP 2099 X 121249 C
RTP Co.BiobasedPolyamide (PA) Bio-Based Polylactic Acid (PLA)RTP 2099X 115387C: ER-34% Renewable Bio-Content Contains wear resistant enhancement
RTP 2099X 121216G: ER-68% Renewable Resource Content
RTP 2099X 124790A: ER- 78% Renewable Resource Content
RTP 2099X 121249C: ER: 68% Renewable Resource Content. 30% glass fiber reinforced PLA grade. Because the glass fiber component of this compound does not contain any carbon, this product has been certified to have a biobased carbon content of 99%. "USDA Certified Biobased Product"
These products are ideal for end-use applications like semi-durable consumer

goods, housing and enclosures for electronics and business equipment,

industrial components, electrical connectors, and automotive interiors. Learn more:
RilsanInventArkemaA polyamide 11 fine powder for laser sintering produced from castor oilER- 100% renewable origin"The most suitable solution for prototype manufacturing, as well as limited-run (rapid) manufacturing."

From aerospace to electronics to automotive, companies around the world increasingly use LS ”laser sintering” to speed up the design, development, and market introduction of new products.
Valox iQiQ420HP White, Blue, and GreenSabic Innovative PlasticsPBT 30% GFER- Made using up to 85% post-consumer PET (upcycled)Excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. High heat resistance. Appliance handles, spotlights, electric motors, connectors.
Valox iQ4860 BKSabic Innovative PlasticsPBT 30% GF, FR, hydrolytically stable, impact modifiedER- Made using up to 85% post-consumer PET (upcycled)Electrical/electronics, automotive, consumer goods, industrial, telecom, food contact applications
Xenoy iQ1103USabic Innovative PlasticsPC/PBT Alloy.  High Impact, Impact ModifiedER- Made using up to 60% post-consumer PET (upcycled)Automotive, other vehicle and device (OVAD) exteriors, power tool housings, electrical and electronics

Learn more.Chevrolet Volt (example)


  • Acrylite H-15
  • Acrylite HM-30
  • CP-51
  • CP-510G
  • Plexiglass V825


  • Geloy XP 1001-901


  • Celanex 3200
  • Crastin LW 9330
  • Crastin ST 820
  • Valox 357
  • Valox 412
  • Valox 420
  • Valox 420SCO
  • Valox 420SEO
  • Valox 508 BK
  • Valox IQ 420 HP


  • Xenoy 2230-PET
  • Xenoy 5720-PBT
  • Xenoy 6240-PBT
  • Xenoy IQ1103U


  • TPX DX845
  • TPX MBZ230
  • TPX-RT 18

Polyester Copolymer

  • Ektar DN101


  • Aurum JCL 3030


  • Amodel 1240


  • Mindel 430
  • Mindel A-670
  • Mindel A-670
  • Mindel B-310
  • Mindel B-322
  • Mindel B-430
  • Mindel S-1000
  • Udel P-1700


  • Amodel 1240
  • Amodel AS 1133 HS
  • Amodel AS 1566 HS
  • RTP 4099X78442
  • Verton UF 700-10-HS
  • Noryl GFN2
  • Noryl GFN3
  • Noryl HS2000X
  • Noryl N190X


  • LNP DCL 4033EM
  • Victrex 150G
  • Victrex 450G


  • Torlon 4203L


  • Ultem 1000/1000
  • Ultem 2300
  • Ultem 2313


  • Fiberfil J-1305/40
  • RTP 1301
  • RTP 1305 TFE15
  • RTP 1307 TFE10
  • Ryton R7


  • Radel R-5000

Nylon 12

  • EMS Grilamid LV-3H
  • EMS Grilamid TR55

Nylon 4/6

  • Stanyl 341
  • Stanyl 441
  • Stanyl TE 373

Nylon 6

  • Capron 8200 HS
  • Capron 8333G HS
  • Zytel 109L

Nylon 6/12

  • Zytel FE 5382

Nylon 6/6

  • Celanese 1403-2
  • DSMJ-1/30/HS
  • Entec N1033HL
  • Fiberfil J-1/10
  • Grivory GV-35H
  • Grivory GV-4H
  • Grivory GV-5H
  • Lubricomp DL-4030
  • Lubricomp RFL-4036
  • Lubricomp RFL-4536
  • Lubriloy D-EP
  • Lubriloy K
  • Minlon 10B40
  • Nylatron 1027
  • Nylatron GS
  • Polynil P240L
  • Polynil P240L HSLV
  • Thermocomp RF1002HS
  • Vydyne M344
  • Zytel 101L
  • Zytel 103HS
  • Zytel 105
  • Zytel 330
  • Zytel 450 HSL
  • Zytel 45HSB
  • Zytel 70G13HS1L
  • Zytel 70G33HS1L
  • Zytel 71G13L
  • Zytel 71G33L
  • Zytel 77G-33L
  • Zytel 8018
  • Zytel ST801

Nylon/SAN Alloy

  • DSMJ-71/20/WO/ND
  • DMS J-50/30/TF15
  • Entec P1010-G10
  • Entec P1010-G30
  • Entec P1025L1
  • Lexan 143
  • Lexan 241
  • Lexan 3412R
  • Lexan 3413R
  • Lexan 3414R
  • Lexan 500 R
  • Lexan 940
  • Lexan 950
  • Lexan EXL 1414
  • LNP DFL 4032
  • LNP StatCon
  • Mobay 3108
  • RTP 301 TFE15
  • RTP 303 TFE15
  • RTP 307
  • RTP 381 EM
  • RTP 381 TFE 10
  • RTP EMI 330 E FR
  • Thermocomp DF-104


  • Dow 08454N
  • Equistar M6580
  • Hival 508054
  • Hival 651000
  • Nova 2907


  • Dow PE08454N
  • Equistar M6580
  • Basel SB786
  • DSM PP-60/TC/20
  • Montell 6331
  • Montell SR549M
  • ProFax SB 786
  • ProFax SB 821
  • RTP 102CCM20
  • RTP 105
  • RTP 128HIZLF
  • RTP 148
  • Verton MFX-700-10HS
  • Chevron MC3700
  • Chevron MC6800
  • Sytron 478
  • Alcryn 2060 NC
  • BASF Elastollan 1174D-50
  • Dyanflex G7450
  • Hytrel 15526
  • Hytrel 5556
  • Hytrel 6356
  • Hytrel 7246
  • Pellethane 2102-90A
  • Santoprene 101-55
  • Santoprene 101-64
  • Santoprene 101-73
  • Santoprene 101-87
  • Santoprene 103-50
  • Santoprene 201-64
  • Sarlink 4155
  • Estane 58130
  • Estane 58133
  • Estane 58144
  • Isoplast 101 LGF40
  • Isoplast 202
  • Isoplast 202 LGF40
  • Isoplast 202EZ
  • Isoplast 302EZ