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    Injection Molding

    Injection molding is a crucial process for making a variety of parts in many industries. HARBEC is an industry leader in custom injection molding, providing custom solutions for a diverse range of customers. With superior strength and product durability, fast productions speeds, and the capacity to meet the need for high production volumes, HARBEC can handle all of a client’s injection molding needs.

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    What Is Injection Molding?

    Injection molding refers to the process of shaping a material (usually thermoplastic) by injecting it into a mold. The material is processed to a molten state, at which point it’s injected into the mold under pressure. The mold remains closed, and the material is allowed to solidify and cool into the desired shape.

    Injection molding is a versatile process and can be used to create a wide range of products, from toys and household goods to automotive parts and medical devices. One of the benefits of injection molding is that it can be used to create products with highly intricate features; in some cases, the only limit is the imagination of the designer. Additional key benefits include:

    • Precision and details: The injection molding process allows for a high degree of precision and detail, making it ideal for products that require intricate designs.
    • Repeatability: Injection molding produces parts that are identical to each other, making it easy to create large quantities of the same product.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Injection molding is a relatively fast and efficient process, which helps to keep component costs down.
    • Speed: Injection molding is a fast process, which means products can be created and delivered in a timely manner.

    Industries Utilizing Injection Molding

    Numerous industries use injection molding to create parts, equipment, and other items. These industries include:

    Aerospace, Defense, and Security

    Unmanned aircraft flying in the upper atmosphere, the study of the gas shells of the planet Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASAThe aerospace, defense, and security industries are known for how quickly their technology evolves. Injection molding allows for the speedy production of various equipment frequently used by these industries. Among many other injection molded components, we can produce the following components for the aerospace, defense, and security industries:

    • Battery housings
    • Robotic components
    • Space components
    • Valve housings and covers

    High-Performance Electromagnetic Components

    Due to their specialized nature, producing high-performance electromagnetic components can be a difficult task. Injection molding allows for the production of specialized and complex parts such as testing equipment related to retention force, continuity and impedance, and AC/DC HI-POT. This process can also be used to create custom electrical verification equipment. Our services include:

    • Solenoid manufacturing
    • Hand soldering
    • Pin crimping
    • Coil winding

    Robotics For Medical Technology SolutionMedical

    Injection molding offers a way to produce important medical tools and devices at a low cost. We are able to produce components such as blood pressure cuffs and hoses, IV components, dialysis components, reagent closures, and spinal implants. Among many other injection molded components, we can create components for the following medical products:

    • Patient monitoring systems
    • Microfluidics
    • Orthopedics (Implants)
    • Robotics
    • Surgical Instrumentation


    Diversified Industrial

    HARBEC will work with your team to create injection molded components for various industrial applications. Among many other injection molded products, we can create the following high-end industrial products:

    • Center consoles
    • Sensors, latches, window and wiper motor components
    • Fuel-pump system components
    • Communication switching equipment

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    Partnering with HARBEC for Injection Molding Services

    Having been in operation for over 40 years, HARBEC has the skills necessary to manufacture equipment of all kinds. We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ demanding contract manufacturing needs by creating a plan based on the exact requirements and specifications of the application. We’ve even created a FREE on-demand webinar “3 Secrets to Lowering Injection Molding Part Costs- Now!” to help you along the way.

    At HARBEC we see advanced manufacturing as an interdependent system of sophisticated capabilities. Our operating culture stresses the availability of highly capable equipment, software, tooling, facilities, and—most importantly—people. This requires collaboration across multiple job roles to understand and resolve operational and technical challenges. Always seeking ways to improve, check out this case study where we partnered with Milacron and found a solution that reduced scrap 18% and saved $109,289.72 per year.

    Contact HARBEC for Injection Molded Components

    Injection molding is an invaluable process for multiple industries. With over four decades of experience, HARBEC can produce superior injection molded components with quick turnaround times, reasonable prices, and exceptional quality.

    For more information, or to get started on your injection molding solution, request a quote for our services today.


    • AS9100
    • ISO 13485
    • ISO 50001 SEP
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 14001:2004
    • ITAR


    • 2 Transfer molding machines
    • 26 ALL electric injection machines
      • Clamping pressure 55 to 585 tons
    • Scientific molding
    • SPC control
    • End of arm automation & vision system
    • Class 101 molds
    • 3 shifts / 5 days

    Value-added operations:

    • Kit Assembly
    • Ultrasonic Welding
    • Heat Staking
    • Pad Printing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Painting


    • 300 Engineered Thermoplastic Grades of Materials In-house
    • ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, TPU
    • Bioresins: reclaimed, biodegradable
    • Chemical-resistant: Isoplast™
    • Filled: carbon, glass, metal, mineral
    • High-density: EcoMass™
    • High-heat: PEEK, Radel™, Stanyl™, Ultem™
    • Thermally-conductive: (electric and dielectric)

    Engineering & Production Support

    Part Design Optimization

    • Performance
    • Appearance
    • Manufacturability (DFM)

    Tool Design

    • Tool Life vs. Tool Cost
    • Tool Cost vs. Part Cost

    Material Specification

    • Cost vs. Performance
    • Supply Risk Mitigation
    • Bioresins
    • Alternative material sourcing and qualifying support


    The Aviation Industry is highly regulated with demands and controls that ensure the safety and reliability of equipment and materials. Our aviation, space and defense customers can be confident that HARBEC retains a certified Quality Management System which is well implemented and designed to deliver increased customer satisfaction as a natural by-product of tracking key quality goals of on-time delivery and compliant product to our customers. Our processes are monitored to improve efficiency, ensure product safety and reliability while continually improving.

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    The Medical Industry is highly regulated with demands and controls that ensure regulatory requirements and customer expectations are met. Our medical device customers can be confident that HARBEC retains a certified Quality Management System which is well implemented and designed to deliver increased customer satisfaction as a natural by-product of tracking key quality goals of on-time delivery and compliant product to our customers. Our ISO 13485 management system adopts a risk management approach which, while having these controls in place, eliminates hazardous situations throughout the product realization process.

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    HARBEC is a registered ITAR company. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of United States Government regulations on the export and import of defense related articles and services. Our Defense and Military customers can have complete confidence that HARBEC has an established and implemented ITAR compliance program and adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by ITAR and EAR statutes.

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